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“ A home cannot be built alone of bricks and mortar, wood or stone.  A loving interest must impart that quality, akin to art, that makes a house a home. ”Since 1985, Hensley Custom Building Group has been a custom-home innovator that combines honest craftsmanship, time tested procedures and innovative technologies.

We strive to make each stage of the building experience rewarding and enjoyable for our clients by delivering:

  • Integrity in materials, construction, scheduling and detailing.
  • Character through accountability, cost awareness, enthusiasm and trustworthiness.
  • Competency in craftsmanship, efficient processes and attentive project management.
  • Creativity in design, technology and a sense of space.

A signature Hensley home is a story revealed through personal living space accented by unique landscape design. Each project reflects our love of craft applied to home, life and style.