Bidding, Budgeting

Up front Budget review



Hensley Homes is known for exceptionally detailed specifications and budgets. Once we’ve developed the Bid Set of drawings, we”ll develop specifications for the project – a description of the finishing of the home that is not yet included on the drawings.  We’ll compile the drawings and the specifications to solicit competitive bids for every aspect of your project.

With preliminary bids returned from contractors, our clients have an early look at real pricing and can go forward confident about the cost of the project.  At this stage of design, we’re able to make changes to the design without significant expense.

Once we’ve refined the preliminary budget, the architect/designer will begin work on the working drawings.   This stage of design typically takes 1 to 2 months, depending on the size and design of the home.  While this final design work is being done, we’ll work on interior design and materials selections.

Once the working drawings are complete, and your selections have been finalized, we’ll repeat the budgeting process.  The final budget will be based upon your final plans & selections.  Our final budget will largely be composed of firm bids – all from competitive bidders.

Hensley Homes is known for our comprehensive budgeting  & accuracy.  Our competitive process delivers a lower cost per square foot than our competitors and can save thousands of dollars for our clients.